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CBD Sleepy Buddha Blend

CBD Sleepy Buddha Blend

This delightful, calming blend of herbs supports healthy sleep patterns and much more. Slightly sweet Chamomile is an age-old and well-known remedy for stress relief and a strained sleep pattern. Pairing this with Lavender only enhances its already exceptional ability to calm the mind and body. Chinese Skullcap is another fascinating addition to this phenomenal blend. A sister flower to American Skullcap, only the root is used as opposed to the leaves. Roots of plants have long been known to produce deeper effects, believed to be the life harness of the plant, therefore holding the most power. While they do produce similar effects, we chose Chinese Skullcap for the more intense effect and the added bonuses. We've added the remarkable licorice root to support the digestion and add a sweet flavor.


  • Organic Chamomile Flower
    • Organic Lavender Flower
    • Organic Skullcap Herb
    • Organic Spearmint Leaf
    • Organic Licorice Root
    • Broad Spectrum Water-Soluble Cannabidiol (CBD)

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